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Issues with Stand-alone meter reading


1. Highly Person dependant.

2. Human errors cannot be avoided.

3. Accessibility of meters in rural/ Agricultural zones.

4. Energy Audits performed based on bill collection which is highly inaccurate.

5. Billing done mainly on estimated/ monthly average basis

6. Inability to monitor and control discrete loads

7. Billing cycle requires excessive time.

8. Meter data used only for billing, cannot help in analysis like demand analysis, energy audit, pinpointing losses, etc.


Critical Benefits from AMR Solutions

1. Ability to detect tamper events and outage occurrences.

2. Remotely Connect/ Dis-connect power supply through meter.

3. Calculate transformer loading and sizing from interval data

4. 15 minute interval data gives accurate load information for supply scheduling, switching operations, planning etc

5. Monitor voltage at each premise to know conditions when to operate capacitor switches or regulators

6. Consistent and granular data for improved accuracy

7. Consistent and granular data for improved accuracy


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