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HYPER SASCOM LIMITED LAUNCHING VERY SOON URO KIDs – Play School, Day care & Activity Centre in various location of country, It will initiative to take care of the all round development and enhance the intellectual, creative, cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development of children from the age group of 2 years – 5 years in the play school.


URO KIDS will follow play way method of teaching using English as a main medium of instruction. It will equipped with all the amenities like fully air conditioned class rooms and lobbies, music room, computers room, ball pool, splash pool, dolls house, gymnasium, metro train, toys and library. The programme is planned to provide special attention to each child and to nurture each one mentally and physically. URO KIDS will focus on child’s skills of memory and observation, problem solving, logical thinking apart from empowering the child

vocabulary. The curriculum adopted imparts to the child qualities like sharing & caring, independence, responsibility and confidence. It provides platform to children to enhance their creativity through dance and music.


Our After School Care Programme provides an environment where children can spend time with friends and engage in lots of extra curricular activites like dance, music, taekwondo, chess, art & crafts and developing scientific module.

Undoubtedly URO KIDS will be the best place play school& day care for love, laughter and learning.



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